In this section you'll find answers from Jeshua on questions asked by readers.

What is your perspective on homosexuality?

Thereís nothing wrong with homosexuality. Homosexuality is perfectly honourable and the way it has been portrayed by various religious traditions, as sinful or harmful, stems from fear and prejudice. Thereís nothing wrong with feeling attracted to people of the same gender. Actually, the preference for same sex or other sex is not as fixed and rigidly divided as many people think. You can be a heterosexual person and in some instances be attracted to people of the same sex. You might feel a soul connection that transcends the bodily form. In other words: you may be heterosexual generally, but feel attracted to someone from the same gender because there is a deep connection on the soul level. There is a sliding scale between heterosexuality and homosexuality instead of a fixed boundary.

In sexual relationships, what matters from the spiritual perspective is how you connect to each other from soul to soul. Whenever thereís a deep connection, which is marked by true companionship and mutual respect, the question whether you are male-female, male-male, or female-female does not really matter.

Of course, it does matter to the world whether you are homosexual. In many places around the world there is still prejudice and hostility about homosexuality. Many souls who incarnate as homosexuals are quite courageous, because they know they will face the issue of standing out, being different from others and having to deal with hostility and misunderstanding. It can be a conscious decision of the soul to experience this, either to face and overcome the emotional hurt of being rejected and become strong and independent because of it, or to raise consciousness on earth by making people reflect on the narrow-minded traditional definitions of sexual identity. Homosexual men, for instance, can show people how being male can easily go together with being sensitive and artistic. Homosexual men and women invite people to think differently about what it means to be male or female. 

To homosexuals who feel torn and conflicted about their sexual nature I would say: do not judge the way you naturally feel, honour your nature and feel free to be who you are. Be true to yourself, donít hide. Other people may learn something from you. Spouses or parents, who feel shocked and offended if you tell them about your nature, will somehow be touched by your courage and honesty, even if it doesnít show on the surface. The truth always sets people free. By remaining true to yourself, you will heal yourself and be a light to others.


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