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Also, Pamela wrote down some personal impressions about this year’s energies which you can find below.


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The year 2007 and the influx of female energy


by Pamela


I feel the year 2007 has been pretty intense energy wise. Especially in the second half I have felt a great influx of female energy, affecting me on several levels.


First, I have physically and emotionally felt the necessity of really caring for myself and standing up for my own needs. Jeshua has channeled it a dozen times through me: that one cannot put one’s creative and spiritual energy into the world without first and foremost taking good care of oneself and really addressing the wants and sorrows of the inner child, the human self. But this year it was really brought home to me through some annoying physical symptoms and ails. I feel I am now finally “getting it”, not merely paying lip service to it, but really sensing what my inner child tells me and acting upon its messages. For instance, my inner child has told me it longed for freedom, time spent alone, new inspiration and doing some very earthly things like gardening, swimming and cleaning out the house. I think for all of us who are really intent on spiritual progress and going along with these transformational times, it is very important to hear the most earthly part of us and listen to what it has to say. We will not progress if we not first embrace our ‘all-too-human’ needs, make peace with them and create a firm sense of groundedness from that.


Especially the past few months, I’ve experienced childhood memories flooding in and I remember how I could be happy then with such simple things. I remember the intimacy of those moments…being wrapped up in play, enjoying a family party or growing plants from fruit seeds…simply being and enjoying life. I have realized that this is the state of being I want to go back to, so I have felt inclined to release obligations and responsibilities, to make my life simple and easy again. I feel the influx of female energy has urged me to make these changes and although the “tough parts” of me, bent on “doing” and “achieving”, have put up a lot of resistance, I am now so happy about having done it and feeling more peace and inspiration already.


Second, I have felt Jeshua’s energy changing as I channeled “him” the past few months. His energy feels more feminine, quiet and yet determined. I have always experienced Jeshua’s energy as a distinctly male energy because it felt like a very focused, passionate and clear energy to me. People have often told me that they experience Jeshua’s messages as very warm and loving but to me his energy has also felt quite “sharp”, in the sense of removing all fluffiness from me and not beating about the bush. Now this male quality seems to have quieted down a little (but it may also be the case that I have become less fluffy so I do not feel the contrast so much ;-).


I have also felt the energy of Mary (Jeshua’s mother) coming in lately. Mary’s energy reflects the archetypical energy of “mother”. She feels very wise, like she has lived through many, many emotions which has made her spirit strong and sober, and also very gentle and loving (but in a totally independent way). I have channeled her once (not published in English) and perhaps I will do so again. Or perhaps the energies of Jeshua and Mary will simply merge for me and the christ energy that I feel enveloped by during channelings will now more fully present itself as an integrated male-female field.


Finally, the inpouring of feminine energy has stirred in me a new longing for connectedness. On several occasions, Jeshua has talked about the New Earth, taking us there through guided meditation (as he does in the channeling just published: “Releasing struggle from your life”). Always, I have this wonderful sense of community as we live there. We are part of a whole there, fulfilling our natural roles, the things we like to do and are good at. We feel safe and welcome, and people are really enjoying our gifts and talents. Often, in these visions, I see us living in a very natural environment, in a new equilibrium with the earth. We all have our own house, which feels as a natural extension of who we are, and which is not shared by others. And then there is a place of gathering, where we connect and share our energies and participate in mutual projects.


I have always been a shy and withdrawn person, not fitting into groups well. I have felt lonely and ‘different’ and miserable because of that, but as I grew older, I did not mind so much anymore and I started to enjoy my independence quite a bit. However, now I sense a longing for connectedness in a new way, very free and open. It would be so nice to live in a community of likeminded people, who simply complement each other with regard to their natural gifts and talents. No suffocating group morale, no struggle and competition, but just the feeling that you are part of a network of individuals who naturally belong to each other even though they are also complete and whole individuals unto themselves. I do not know when this vision will become real, whether it will be in this lifetime even, but I enjoy the feel of it and I do not have an urge to “do anything” with it. I am convinced that if we simply know and cherish the longings in our heart, God or Spirit or the universe will find a way of making them true for us.


As the female energy is telling us, this is a time of releasing and relaxing back into our natural state of being. If you do not remember your natural state of being, go back to your childhood and think of the things you really enjoyed back then. Take some time to do these things again or something similar that recreates that childlike sense of freedom, ease and joyful anticipation. I feel that if we take this precious child part of us seriously, we will be riding the waves in 2008, and laying the foundation for a new sense of connectedness and well being within. We’ll be laying the foundation for the New Earth.


Love and blessings,



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