Newsletter September 2009

Dear reader,

As I write this newsletter, I am in the midst of a deep transition period.
I have been ill (inflammation of the stomach) since June. In July and August I started to experience deep fears, which were related to old incarnations in which I felt rejected for being a lightworker. I thought I had gone through these fears for the most part. However, there still is a remainder that wants to be experienced. At this time, it is still a tough ride, but my stomach is getting better, and I am slowly recovering from the fear, insomnia and related symptoms.

In the past years, performing channelings publicly and publishing the Jeshua material on the Internet and in books took a lot of courage. I was afraid to be ridiculed. Having an academic background, I could envision all the sceptical arguments one could come up with against my work. I think that my sensitivity and my fears, together with the growing response to the Jeshua channelings from all over the world, eventually caused the illness in me. It shows me that I need to respect myself and create clear boundaries around me so that I do not feel invaded by all the attention. It is a difficult lesson for me. But I do know I am not alone in this. I meet a lot of fellow lightworkers at this time who go through a similar deep transformation process.

Now and then I feel the strength to do a channeling, together with my husband Gerrit in our living room. One such channeling has now been published on and it addresses the transformation process so many of us are in now. This channeling is from mother Earth. I started channeling Earth more than a year ago. This happened quite spontaneously, and it ties in with my own process of connecting deeper to earth, letting go of my resistance and fear to be incarnated once more upon this planet. In the channeling ‘From heart to belly’, mother Earth speaks about the way the soul merges with our body and personality, if we allow spiritual growth to take place in our lives. Many of us get acquainted with spirituality through the head, by reading books about it. Then, we start to apply this knowledge to life, often going through several crises and upheavals. The soul merges with the heart. We become more sensitive and connected to life around us. Mother Earth emphasises that this is not the last step the soul makes. The soul wants to incarnate even deeper, into the belly, enabling us to combine an open heart with a firm foundation of groundedness and self-awareness.

The channeling “From heart to belly” can be found at (see Earth in the menu on the left).

Warm regards,

Pamela & Gerrit

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