Newsletter June 2009

Dear reader,

We are happy to announce that a new Jeshua channeling has now been posted on our website, called Being a teacher in the new era. It is available as audio file and as written text. In it, Jeshua speaks about the current crisis on our planet and our role in these challenging times. He emphasises the need for balancing the male and female energy within, in order for lightworkers to cope with their increasing sensitivity.

 “Being a teacher in the new era is different from what you may have expected. It is about finding peace deep within, and not being led astray by the negativity that is around you. In a sense, it means to let go of the world, to not be of it, but on the other hand, to be open to everyone, and let them taste the vibration that you are radiating out into the world. Be in the world but not of it.”

Healing series now available as audio book!

The Healing series, a series of nine Jeshua channelings in which he addresses everyday issues such as relationships, work, money and health, is now available as audio book. The book has been created by Pete Hawk,, who has a warm and clear speaking voice. He also created the Lightworker series as an audio book; both are available for $14.95 only and can be ordered through or

Recommended: spiritual fantasy novel by Wendy Gillissen

If you’re looking for an inspiring and fun read in the summer months, we can highly recommend the new fantasy novel by Wendy Gillissen, Curse of the Tahiéra. The story is about Rom, a young Tzanatzi outcast who can relive the past and Yldich, a mysterious Einache shaman whose people suffer from an ancient curse. Rom’s fate is somehow connected with this curse, and together Yldich and Rom slowly find out how. Travelling together through enchanted woods, they find out about old karma, the meaning of dreams and the wheel of life. The book reads like a gripping adventure story and at the same time, it is a deeply spiritual tale of healing and inner growth. It made me shed more than a few tears!

You can find information on the book at (or go to and search for Wendy Gillissen). Free excerpt of the book available!


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