Newsletter February 2009

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Jeshua channelings available as Audio Book

We are happy to announce that (part of) the Jeshua Channelings are now available as audio book. The Lightworker Series, the first series that came through from Jeshua, is now available as an MP3 file which you can download to your computer, iPod and/or copy to your own CD.

The channelings have been narrated and recorded by Pete Hawk, a producer/recording engineer and fellow lightworker living in Las Vegas. His web site is Pete has a warm and clear voice and it’s a joy for us to work with him on this project. More audio books will follow in the course of this year.

Through the following link, you’ll find more information about the audio book and you can listen to samples:


Interview with Pamela by Colin Whitby

Pamela was recently interviewed by Colin Whitby from the Magic of Being, a web site with an interesting e-magazine about contemporary spirituality. Pamela speaks about her personal background, how she started to channel Jeshua and how this has influenced her life. You can access the interview through the following link (which is also available on

Click here to read the interview.

New channeling from Jeshua on the web site: “Death and beyond”

Perhaps you remember that in my last newsletter, I asked for volunteers who could help me translate the Jeshua channelings from Dutch to English. My newsletter went out to readers all over the world, and now we have indeed found someone who has both the skills and a strong resonance with the channelings. The funny thing is that he actually lives in my own hometown here in The Netherlands! So the solution was literally just around the corner ;-)

Joep has now translated a recent channeling from Jeshua on death, dying and the hereafter. When I received that channeling, in front of a live audience, I could clearly sense Jeshua’s deepest intention as he spoke: to take away our fear of death and to instill us with a profound awareness of the eternity of life, the eternity of our souls.

His aim is not to provide an intellectual analysis of what happens when we die and transition but to make us feel relaxed and trusting about the whole process. In the channeling, he distinguishes between the astral plane and the essential plane, where the essential plane reflects a dimension in which we have released our earthly attachments and merge with our divine core. During the channeling, I gradually got drawn into a state of bliss, feeling the plane of Essence as a living presence, while my fear of dying melted away. It was a very joyful experience.

Click here to read the channeling.

Did you plan your life before birth?

Most of you would probably say ‘yes’ or at least ‘yes, partly’ because many in the spiritual field feel that there is deeper meaning behind life’s challenges and that we attract important relationships and events in our life. But if we do plan the crucial events in our lives, how do we do that and for what reasons? This question has been investigated in depth by author Robert Schwartz in his book “Courageous Souls”, to be reissued end of March under the new title: "Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born".

In this book, Robert discusses various life challenges, such as illness, accidents, addiction, death of a loved one and he does so by interviewing people who have experienced these challenges in their lives. With the help of four gifted psychics and channels, he seeks to unravel the pre-birth life plans of these people, thereby revealing the wisdom and higher purpose behind seemingly cruel and meaningless events. Reading this book fills one with a sense of grace and compassion: the universe is benevolent and even behind the most negative happenings, there is a sense of purpose and a force aimed at healing and growth.

I am honoured to have been invited by Robert to work together with him on a new book he is preparing on the same subject, dealing with another range of life challenges. I will be one of several channels, offering Jeshua’s perspective on some of these issues. When his new book appears, I will keep you posted. Meanwhile, Robert is still looking for people who are interested in being interviewed for his new book. For more information on this, please check out his web site at This web site also contains more info on and excerpts from his first book.

With warm regards,

Pamela & Gerrit

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