Newsletter June 2017

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We are happy to inform you that there’s new material available on our website
There are two new channelings from Jeshua and an article by Gerrit on loneliness.

Also, Pamela is going to offer a workshop “From ego- to heart-based consciousness” in Copenhagen (Denmark) on July 29/30. More info below!

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Gerrit and Pamela

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By Gerrit Gielen

Loneliness is one of the major problems of our time. Many people feel lonely, misunderstood, and not recognized by others. And it is not just elderly people; even people who have a family and a busy career often feel lonely. Despite all the activity around us, there can be something inside us that does not feel seen. A substantial part of us is then not connected to the world, to the people around us.

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The spiritual meaning of life on Earth

Pamela channels Jeshua

"Human experience, with all its heights and depths, is necessary in order for your light to shine here. What you experience now in your life as darkness, as gloom, as obstacle, all that is part of your journey. It is not an obstruction you should try to avoid. It is more about your ability to accept these things and to bring the light of your heart to them, just as a stone can be lit up from within and become a beautiful gem."

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Who or what is the soul?

Pamela channels Jeshua

"I respect what you do and who you are on Earth. This is one of the darkest places to be incarnated as a soul in a human body. To remember who you are when here, and what is your cosmic origin, your greatness, your vastness, your eternal nature, is quite a task, because everything here seems to be focused on forgetting yourself, your deepest essence. What you have learned here from an early age is to trust only your sensory perceptions, what your eyes, ears, and nose tell you is the true reality."

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Workshop by Pamela: “From ego- to heart-based consciousness” (Copenhagen, July 29/30)

Organised by Pamela Kribbe and John Jorgensen

Pamela channels Jeshua about the transition from ego to heart, how to overcome fear and emotional pain and how to recognise the voice of your soul.

In this day and age, a transition is taking place from consciousness based on fear and separation to consciousness based on love and the awareness of our deep interconnectedness. Both globally and individually, this transition is affecting us and we are all invited to participate in it. The messages from Jeshua, as channelled by Pamela, offer guidance and clarification about our soul’s purpose, the meaning of incarnation at this time, and ways of healing ourselves.
A lot of channelled material is freely available on and it is now also available in Danish (both on line and in book form, see

During this weekend workshop, there will be two morning sessions (10h-13h) in which Pamela will offer channelled messages from Jeshua, followed by a Q&A part in which each participant can ask a (personal) question to which you will receive a channelled answer. 

The workshop will be in English (no translation available)

We will be with a group of 20 people maximum.

Both sessions will be recorded and the link to the audio file will be sent to you afterwards.



Saturday July 29

10h – 13h First session (Channeling and Q&A)

Afternoon (optional): John Jorgensen, co-host of the workshop and translator of the Jeshua books in Denmark, will offer a guided tour around the neighbourhood of Vestebro in Copenhagen, which is close to the workshop location and has an interesting history. For those who like to join, we will come together at 16:00h and stroll around for about two hours. Around 18:00h we will have drinks and dinner at a friendly priced restaurant (we’ll all pay for ourselves).

The tour and the dinner are both optional, and I’ll ask you shortly before the workshop if you’d like to participate in dinner, so we can make the necessary reservation.

Sunday July 30

10h – 13h Second Session (Channeling and Q&A)


Vesterbro Bibliotek og Kulturhus
Lyrskovgade 4, 4. sal
1758 København V
Link on Googlemap or see map at the end of this page with more info.

The room is called: "4.1-Mogens"

If you arrive at Castrup airport, the easiest is to take the train from terminal 3 to Copenhagen central station (København H). To get from København H to our workshop place, see the Google map at the very end of this announcement: the route is marked. You can either walk (25 minutes) or take bus 10 or 14 along Istedgade). There’s a small red light district on the way, which is safe, but if you prefer to avoid it, you can take Vesterbrogade or Sønder Boulevard (that will take a little longer).

Price: 818 DKK (110 EURO) - to be paid after you receive confirmation of your registration.

This price does not include any meals (there’s water, coffee and tea available in the workshop room).

Outside the workshop location there are many restaurants with different price ranges. We recommend Absalon (good food for a good price).

Payment method

After you receive a confirmation of your registration, you can pay either by bank transferral  or by PayPal

Bank transferral:

Account number NL08 INGB 0002 8902 82 in the name of P R Kribbe and/or Hr G Gielen.  Please mention “workshop Copenhagen plus your name”

IBAN: NL08 INGB 0002890282



To register, send an e-mail to Pamela at

Please write in English.

For questions about how to reach the workshop location and about Copenhagen in general, you can contact John Jorgensen at


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