Newsletter May 2017

Dear readers,

We are pleased to be announcing a new channeling and a new workshop in France offered by Gerrit for the month of June.

Workshop "Healing the past to free the present"

Gerrit Gielen is offering an exclusive workshop for a small group (maximum 15 people) who are going to be benefiting from his experience and talent as hypnotherapist and regression therapist. Gerrit will be gently accompanying you on a journey to your past lives, in order to discover and heal the distant emotional wounds which continue to affect your present life without your knowledge. He will also be helping you to connect with lives which were rich and fulfilling, so that you may integrate these positive qualities into your life today. He will also be sharing new perspectives on our notion of time and the relationship between past, present and future, and he will be answering your questions in this small workshop which offers participants the possibility of a privileged and personalised exchange.

This workshop also includes two optional sessions of “Natural Movement” with Wim Stultiens, who developed this approach after over 15 years studying and teaching Tai Chi, Qi Gong and ancestral practices of indigenous tribes. These moments of relaxation and exploration will allow participants to be more grounded and open and will complement Gerrit's workshop by helping you integrate more deeply a new balance and harmony on every level.

The workshop will take place in a haven of peace located at Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, in the South West of France. You will find all the details of this workshop here: Workshop Gerrit June 2017: Healing the past to free the present

New channeling: About This Time of Chaos

"There is now a lot of information that frequently becomes available on the news media that demands your attention. Everything old and dark that has been repressed and kept hidden is coming to the surface. Modern technology plays a role in doing that, because it helps to make things more transparent in your society. More information than ever before is being disseminated, and many shadowy motives and practices are being exposed, so it then appears as if there is an intensification of evil, of darkness."

For the whole message, see, section News or Series "Reminders of Home" in the menu on the left

Wishing you a joyful spring time!

Warm regards,

Gerrit and Pamela


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