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This time, we have a new channeling to share with you which was recently received in Egypt! I (Pamela) was there with a Dutch group, doing workshops and visiting Egypt for the first time. It was so inspiring that I have decided to organise another group soon, and below you will find details of the upcoming trip (May 2017). Hope you will join me!

The channeling from Jeshua I received in Egypt is called "Life, consciousness and the heritage of ancient Egypt" and you can find it on under News or in the Series "Reminders from Home", see menu on the left. Here's a quote from the message:   

"Egypt was the cradle and birthing ground for deep esoteric knowledge coming to earth from highly developed places in the universe. That knowledge and consciousness were received by the hearts and minds of people who were open to the influx of this bright and revolutionary new awareness. They were the artists, the writers, the common people with an open heart, and some rulers who looked beyond the need for power.  The art, the myths and the monumental buildings of old Egypt testify to the depth and power of this cosmic impulse.

There is a kind of magic in the culture of ancient Egypt which you can feel calling to you as you walk among the remnants of the temples and tombs. Many among you have lived past lives in this era. You know both the light and the dark side of this culture. You innately sense what happened with the esoteric knowledge and third eye powers - how they were abused for the purpose of power struggles and warfare.

Some of you were channels or psychics yourselves and felt a real life connection with supernatural force fields and higher energies. You were in a dilemma that tore you apart: how to express your knowledge and inspiration in an environment that might use it for personal gain, or to suppress freedom and truth. There is pain inside you about the abuse of power that took place, and you may still feel haunted by the fear of compromising your integrity when you start using your gifts for psychicreading, healing and channeling today."



Week trip to Egypt (Luxor) with workshops by Pamela, May 20-27

I recently made my first time visit to Egypt and was deeply touched by the splendor of the old temples around the city of Luxor, the beauty of the Nile and the sensation of being on African ground. It was like coming home in a way, feeling a sense of familiarity both with the spiritual energy in the temples and the powerful Earth energy of Africa.

I was so inspired that I got the idea of planning another trip at the end of May, this time for an English speaking group.

In this newsletter, I offer a preliminary announcement of the trip, for you to get a rough idea of what I am offering and for me to get an idea of how many people could be interested in this. Let me know if you are! 

This newsletter goes to English speaking people from all over the world, so we'll likely be a group of people from different countries. There will be room for 12 people maximum, as I prefer an intimate setting for the workshops.

I will publish a more detailed program on around April 1. It is possible though to subscribe earlier and/or ask questions at 


There will be three workshops with channeling and Q&A, several visits to the most beautiful temples around Luxor, and a boat trip on the magical Nile. We will stay in one location, in the cosy Gezira Garden hotel in Luxor, which provides good accommodation and food. Take a look at their website here:

The overall price will be 650 euro, and this includes a single room for 7 nights, all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), all trips (including museum tickets, taxi fare and guide) and all workshops. This price is excluding your flight ticket.

There are not many direct flights to Luxor. You probably have to fly through Cairo, or fly directly to Hurghada and drive to Luxor by taxi (this takes approx. 4 hours). The hotel provides a pick-up service. The price for a transfer to or from Hurghada (one way) is 50 euro for 2 persons.    

The program

Saturday:    Arrival and settle in. Dinner together.

Sunday:      9.30 Welcome and trip to Karnak temple complex

Monday:     9.30 - 12.30 Workshop / 17.00 - 19.00: boat trip on the Nile

Tuesday:     9.00 Valley of the Kings, followed by Temple of Hatshepsut

Wednesday: 9.30 - 12.30 Workshop / 17.00h visit Luxor Temple

Thursday:   9.00h visit to Temple of Dendera

Friday:        9.30 - 12.30 Workshop / 16.00 Medinet Habu, Temple of Ramsis III

Saturday:    Departure


Generally, activities will take place in the morning and late afternoon, so we avoid going out during the warmest hours of the day. It can get very hot during the day; hats, sunglasses and sun screen are recommended!

(Please note that we will not visit the famous Pyramids of Gizeh, these are located near Cairo, about 800 km away from where we are. It's possible of course to visit them on your own, for instance if you fly through Cairo)

The workshops: "Healing the Wounded Heart"

There will be three workshops on three mornings and in each of them I will offer an introduction, channeling and Q&A round. Throughout the week, each participant will have the opportunity to ask two personal questions and receive a channelled answer to it.

DAY I The wound of separation

At the bottom of our fears, negative emotions and destructive relationship patterns is a deep wound: the feeling of being separated from the Whole, being a meaningless fragment, disconnected from love, joy and safety. This creates the sensation of an empty hole inside of us, which we desperately seek to fill with different things, for instance success, recognition, romantic infatuation, possessions or addictions. Most of us find out at some point that none of this works. We find out through crisis or conscious spiritual effort or both. The question then becomes: how do I fill this hole inside, how do you I heal the wound of separation in me?
Through channeling and Q&A, this question will be addressed in various ways; the aim is to make you discover your own way of healing yourself.

DAY II Healing the wound of the feminine and the masculine

Struggling with our wound of separation, we hope for healing in our intimate relationships. However, there are wounds in both the masculine and the feminine energy which can create misunderstanding and emotional pain between the sexes. How can we integrate the feminine and masculine energies inside ourselves, and move from relationships based on need and want to ones based on true companionship and abundance?
Through channeling and Q&A, this question will be addressed in various ways; the aim is to get a deeper understanding of your own relationships and how to let go of patterns of fear and dependence.

DAY III Living from the heart

As we heal the wound of separation inside ourselves, the heart energy can slowly take over and guide us in our everyday life. How do we connect with our soul, our intuition and how do we distinguish between the voice of the heart and the voices of fear and doubt? What contribution do we like to make to the world of today, what is our unique gift and how do we express it?
Through channeling, meditation and Q&A, this question will be addressed and you are encouraged to listen to your own heart and trust its guidance.

All channelings and Q&A will be recorded and sent to you afterwards by e-mail.

My own inspiration: Isis Returns!

As I walked though the old, magnificent temples of Egypt, I sensed an energy there that uplifted me and made me feel happy without reason. Tuning more deeply into this sensation, I felt connected to the energy of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of love and life, sometimes compared with the energy of mother Mary, which might be the Christian counterpart of this archetypical feminine energy.

However that may be, I channeled Isis twice during my workshops there, and was inspired by the sense of lightness and joy that pervaded me. I knew that I wanted to return to Egypt and drink more from this source!

So for me, this journey is a celebration of the old yet ever fresh and young energy of Isis, the goddess of love and abundance. Isis is the heart energy in every one of us, man or woman, unscathed by the heavy and dense energies of this world.

In ancient Egypt, her energy was present in the temples and art of that time, but I felt it was never completely received, similar to how the Christ energy could not be fully integrated on earth when Jeshua delivered his message of love and hope. Earth society was still too much in the grip of fear and power struggle to turn these impulses into new ways of relating to each other; they were like seeds laying dormant and waiting to awaken.

In part the seeds are still waiting…. and not outside of us, but inside.

However, consciousness is changing right now, there are opportunities for all of us, and I hope this trip will offer one such opportunity to rekindle the energy of the heart in our troubled world.

For more information or to register, contact me at

Warm regards,

Gerrit and Pamela


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