Newsletter January 2017

Dear reader,

We have shared a new channeled message from Jeshua and a new article by Gerrit on our website
We also like to inform you of a new workshop Pamela will be offering in February in Normandy (France).

New material

The Eternal Light of the Universe

Pamela channels Jeshua (available as text and audio)

"You are eternal light and this is what the universe is made of. Some of you see this light shining from my eyes or from another teacher’s eyes, but I am here to remind you that this light is yours, as well. It is my deepest desire that you see and experience your own greatness and inner light. This is what will change the world, which is in need of change. You are here to make a difference, but you can only do so when you truly trust who you are." 

Healing and understanding the ancient battle between men and women

Article by Gerrit

In this article, I write a story about the interaction between men and women set in the distant past. This story is based on my intuition, inspiration and past life memories. It does not correspond to the official historiography. I also take huge steps and make sharp turns at times. Reality is more nuanced. However, by drawing a pointed sketch, I try to shed light on the ancient struggle between men and women. My goal is to create clarity about this struggle so that our wounds can be healed.


Workshop by Pamela in Normandy: Healing old emotional pain

Le Havre, 10th to 12th February 2017.

Workshop by Pamela Kribbe

French/English translation by Kate Bentley

Octeville-sur-Mer, Liberty Ship wreck

Honfleur port

Cliffs of Etretat

Pamela will be offering a winter workshop in France, on the invigorating Alabaster coast of Normandy, near to the seaside town of Le Havre. In this workshop, fittingly located near to the infamous Normandy Landing beaches, we will address the question of how to deal with old emotional pain that prevents us from moving forward in our lives.

Often, people who are dedicated to self healing and spiritual growth find that there are persistent blockages and fears inside which seem impossible to let go of. These blockages may have deeper origins than your current lifetime and may result from previous incarnations. During the workshop, we will explore the following themes:

- The nature and origin of old emotional pain and trauma

- The importance of acceptance versus judgement

- The role of our soul plan in dealing with old pain

- How to address and heal old pain

Pamela will offer several channelings, followed by Q&A sessions, in which each participant will have the opportunity to ask a question and receive a channelled answer.
The channelings and Q&A will be supported by meditation and chanting provided by our hosts Willem and Sophie.

Workshop Details:

Price : 225€ per person
(does not include meals or accommodation)

Schedule : 4 workshop sessions
Friday 10th: 7pm – 9pm
Saturday 11th: 10am – 12:30pm / 7pm – 9pm
(afternoon free)
Sunday 12th: 10am – 12:30pm

Info & bookings : Please contact Kate Bentley
email : - tel : +33 (0)683 078 965


Warm regards,

Gerrit and Pamela


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