Newsletter November 2016

Dear reader,

There are two new channelings available on

Feel Again How It Used to Be.

"You, humankind in its entirety, carry special powers of creation: the ability to create and bring something new into being. I want to give to you the opportunity to do that, even if it means that you sometimes succumb to duality and can no longer feel you are essentially free of it. But know that you, as a soul, are free of birth and death; know that you are eternal, even though you often lose connection with that feeling while living on Earth. But I can give that essential feeling back to you if only you will trust me. "

Be a Child of the Earth

"You are born into a reality that has become disconnected from Reality. The connection to the higher, with your own core, your soul, has been lost. That disconnect has become institutionalized in society: in education, in counselling, in medicine. It is the lack of connection with one's own soul that hurts you most deeply and makes you unhappy. But I am here to assist you in recovering that connection; in believing once again in who you really are and in experiencing the joy of it. Connect again with the sparkling fountain of light that is alive in you, that is located in your earthly being: in your body, your mind, your heart. I encourage you to join with me in this feeling."

Hope you enjoy the new material!

Warm regards,

Gerrit and Pamela


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