Newsletter September 2016

Dear reader,

There are two new channelings available on

Embodiment (Pamela channels Jeshua)

"We will now take a look at this body, and feel the wonder of being embodied, although experiencing this embodiment is not always easy for you. And one of the reasons why it is difficult to experience the wonder and the beauty of the body is that your culture is the result of a tradition that has become alienated from the body. It is not commonplace in your culture to view the body as a living intelligence, as a field of consciousness with which the individual soul is intimately connected." 

Two Deep Fears (Pamela channels Mary Magdalene)

"You have only just emerged from a way of thinking and living that was dominated by power and powerlessness, from domination by fear. Feel in yourself, in your own energy field, where those old energies are still working. Feel it intuitively. See if there are gray or even darker areas visibly at work in your aura or in your body. Feel those old energies at work, such as anxiety, exaggerated obedience, fear for survival, and fear of being rejected and lonely, of being alone. These are the two greatest fears that limited people in days gone by."

New Video: Pamela channels Mary Magdalene about male and female energy

If you want to see this video with English subtitles, please click here (you'll see the Chinese announcement of our upcoming workshop there, and if you scroll down you'll see the video with Chinese and English subtitles).


In October, we are going to visit China again and offer weekend workshops in Shenzhen and Shanghai. For more info click here.

Here's a short video message from Jeshua through Pamela about the upcoming workshop and to lightworkers in general.

Hope you enjoy the new material!

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Gerrit and Pamela


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