Newsletter December 2008


Dear reader,

There is a short Christmas message by Jeshua available on It is available as an audio file, so you can hear Jeshua speaking through Pamela.

Jeshua tells us that while we celebrate his birth as a newborn babe 2000 years ago, he celebrates our birth into Christ consciousness today.

This channeling was recorded yesterday December 23. You can find it at the Opening page of

Book “The Jeshua Channelings”

The Jeshua Channelings are now available in book form through our new publisher Booklocker ( We have recently switched to Booklocker, because they offer good service to their customers and because we can now offer the book to you for only 15.95 USD!

The book contains the Lightworker Series and the Healing Series. In the Lightworker Series, Jeshua speaks about the origins and destiny of the lightworker family. He also offers a detailed account of the transition from ego-based to heart-based consciousness. In the Healing Series, Jeshua deals with several aspects of everyday life, such as relationships, work and health. He addresses the most common questions and problems we struggle with in these areas. These two series are the foundation for all the rest of Jeshua’s channelings.

For more information or to order the book online, go to or

Through Booklocker, the book can be ordered both by credit card and by check and money order. Booklocker does not offer phone support or take phone calls, but offers excellent e-mail support.


We are currently looking for a translator who is able to help us translate the Jeshua channelings from Dutch to English. The person we are looking for is either a native speaker, able to read Dutch, or a Dutch person very fluent in English. She or he would also need to have close affinity with the channeled material on our website.

So far, I (Pamela) have translated all the material into English myself. I now find myself unable to do this anymore, because I’m too busy with the workshops and consultations we offer and with channeling and writing new material in Dutch. There’s a lot of material in Dutch waiting to be translated. So if there’s someone out there who is willing and able to help us, even by translating one or two channelings, you would be most welcome! You can contact us at

Message from Pamela

Dear reader,
I hope you are enjoying the Christmas holidays. I am always a bit ambiguous about the festivities this time of the year. I find it’s hard to get into the magic of Christmas anymore. As a child, I would spend hours decorating the Christmas tree with my mom, devoutly singing the songs and revelling in the beauty of the teachings of Jesus. I was deeply touched by it all. Now, as I see the shops bulging with Christmas products, I cannot help but wonder if we are incapable of feeling the magic anymore. If we need that much stuff to feel anything, doesn’t that show that the magic lies elsewhere?

By ‘we’ I refer to us adults, of course. My 6 years old daughter has no problem understanding the magic of Christmas, or the magic of life really. She takes life in as if there were no tomorrow, enjoying the moment, expecting miracles to happen. Where or when did we lose that ability?

I think perhaps it has to do with the fact that growing up in our society means ‘taking charge of life’. As a child, things just happen and there’s much less reflection on how things could have been different or how you could have changed them. There is a level of surrender in a child that gets lost as we grow up. You can see the same in animals. They have such a natural trust in life, not worrying about tomorrow, not having ideals to pursue. I have a beautiful cat who sits on my lap every morning for a while, purring contently as I stroke him. Sometimes, he lifts up his head and looks at me intently. As I stare into his eyes, it is like looking into a dark, mysterious, starry heaven. He is living magic to me.

My wish for the New Year is that I can be a little more like the children, the cats and the stars in the sky. Simply living life instead of ‘taking charge’ of it.

I believe that especially lightworkers are now being asked to trust life and let go of thinking and worrying too much, sure signs of wanting to control life. Lightworkers are on the brink of really letting go of their old lifestyles, their attempts to fit in with society and repress their natural longings. To really let go, one has to have faith in the magic of life. One has to surrender, truly and deeply.

Many lightworkers are trying to find their true passion, stepping out of mass consciousness and fulfilling their heart’s desires. This may at times make you feel fearful, frustrated or desperate. Please remember, you are not alone. The universe is full of magic, and it’s waiting for you to allow your life to be touched by it. You need not create your life like it’s a house that needs to be built from scratch. Things will fall into place, if you let them happen easily and naturally. You will be guided to your new life if you let go of your self doubt and self judgment, your need to control your feelings and emotions. Your soul knows exactly where it’s going. You are ready. Your new home – to use that metaphor - is already there. Your job is not about building it. It’s about recognizing your own splendour and receiving it with an open heart.

May the magic of life carry you home soon!


Pamela & Gerrit

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