Newsletter June 2016


We are happy to share two new channelings with you on

The Cross of Life (Pamela channels Jeshua)

"This is a time of extremes on Earth. There is now much darkness, negativity, and fear in the collective energy field around this planet that makes people tense, and you can feel it. Feel the negativity, very objectively and without judging it or going along with it. People are being forced into a choice for despair, depression, anxiety, or for light, hope, love. Simply feel, on the one hand, the powerful wave of feelings of crisis and of being overwhelmed by the fears that come with it. And on the other hand, the potential for light and the possibility for awakened consciousness that will allow people who are in need to become very powerful and to stand up and to speak in a way that accords with their life and truth."

The Learning Process of the Soul (Pamela channels Mary Magdalene)

"You are all committed to an inner path with great determination. The only thing that brings you real fulfilment is when you begin to hear and understand the voice of your own heart and soul. That is, for all of you, just as important as the oxygen you breathe, just as basic as the bread and water which feeds your body in order for you to stay alive. And that commitment means a shift of consciousness has already taken place in you, which for many of you was the case before your birth in this lifetime. Your soul found itself in a certain phase of its development, its evolution. It felt it was now time for an earthly incarnation in which your soul could truly let itself be seen; a life in which your soul could really flow through the earthly reality of everyday life."

Travelling schedule


- July 21 Evening lecture with Jeshua in Sofia

- July 23/24 Weekend workshop "Finding your life's purpose" (Sofia)

Organisation by , for more information write to
+359 895 471696 


Finding your Life's Purpose

A weekend workshop with Pamela Kribbe & Gerrit Gielen

August 2016, Corrèze, France.


Warm regards,

Gerrit and Pamela

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