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- Two new channelings

- New article by Gerrit:  "What happens after death?"

Workshops and travelling schedule

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Two new channelings

The Root Chakra (Pamela channels Earth)

"Today, we are speaking about the root chakra, the energy center at the bottom of your spine, the chakra closest to the Earth and the one that is most deeply affected by the Earth. In many of you, there is fear lodged in the root chakra. If you were to see the root chakra of the majority of people on Earth, you would observe that it is fragmented and not whole, or sometimes even a void. The result is that many people doubt if they are really at home here on Earth. They wonder if they may truly feel safe and welcome here."

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The Great Mystery (Pamela channels Jeshua)

"There is a great mystery in the Universe, and the mystery is that there is something, rather than nothing – that something exists. In the universe there is life, light, and consciousness; life dances and moves. How has this all come about?"

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New article by Gerrit

What happens after death?

What does the afterlife look like? The main difference between this world and the hereafter is that after death the outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world. On earth, this is not so obvious. People who are filled with hatred and anger can be surrounded by beauty and abundance, while sensitive and evolved people may be wandering through desolate slums. In the afterlife, our environment reflects the extent to which we are in contact with our inner sun. The more love, truth, and beauty we hold within ourselves, the more radiant and bright our environment is. 

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Workshops and travelling schedule


Finding your life’s purpose

April 30 and May 1 2016 (Taipei)

What is the meaning of the challenges you encounter in your life? Why did you attract the parents and the family you were born in? What is your soul’s purpose for this lifetime? In this workshop, we will explore these questions with the help of channeling (Pamela) and meditation (Gerrit). You are offered guidelines to connect with your soul and find answers to your life’s questions. The aim of the workshop is to enable you to find meaning behind difficulties and crises in your life and to discover what brings you true joy and inspiration. Your soul speaks to you through your feelings and as you open your heart to yourself, you will hear your soul’s messages more clearly.

As a general rule, your life’s purpose is twofold: one part is about healing yourself, addressing pain and trauma (some from past lives) and growing on the inner level. The other part is about expressing yourself and sharing your unique soul energy with people and the world around you. We will roughly address the first part on day one and the second part on day two, but both are intertwined and cannot really be separated.

Pamela will offer channeled messages from Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, and give channeled answers to questions from the audience. Gerrit will help you connect with your soul through several guided meditations. 

Register here.

Masterclass Channeling

May 7 and May 8 2016 (Taipei)

Channeling means to receive guidance and information from non-physical teachers, spiritual guides or deceased loved ones. The channeler is a kind of bridge between the human world and the spiritual world. She or he transmits healing energy as well as verbal messages with the purpose of empowering people and helping them connect with their true self.

This workshop is for people who feel attracted to channeling and to using it not just for themselves but also for other people. You may be already practicing it as a therapist, reader or healer. The aim of this workshop is to help you develop your channeling skills and to address doubts and insecurities about the process of channeling. How do you know when channeled information is pure and reliable? How do you address fear about expressing yourself as a channeler? How do you surrender more deeply to the flow that wants to come through you?

Pamela will offer guidance from her own experience as a channeler and she will channel Jeshua and Mary Magdalene. Each participant will have the opportunity to ask one personal question and receive a channeled answer from Pamela. Gerrit will provide meditations which invite you to channel your own guide or spiritual teacher and you will be asked to write down the messages you receive. For the courageous ones among you, we invite you to stand up and give a short channeled message to the group (no requirement though!).  

The group will consist of 25 people maximum.

Register here.


- July 21 Evening lecture with Jeshua in Sofia

- July 23/24 Weekend workshop "Finding your life's purpose" (Sofia)

Organisation by , for more information write to
+359 895 471696 


- August 26/27/28 Weekend workshop "Finding your life's purpose", in Corrèze (Limousin). For more information contact Kate Bentley at

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