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- New channelings
- Workshop in Beijing
- Workshop in France

New channelings

Dear reader,

We are pleased to share two new channelings with you and to announce some workshops we will be offering this year.

The power of the belly (Pamela channels Mary Magdalene)

The original female power of the belly is one of being vital and grounded. A woman by her nature feels connected with Earth and the rhythms of the seasons, and the wisdom in her heart is one based on a natural sense of self-worth. Unfortunately, this has gotten lost through the ages and without that base, that natural strength in the belly, a woman cannot connect in a balanced way with the world around her. She easily gives too much of herself to others and loses herself in that giving, and so she often is unable to take up her personal space and set boundaries.

Spiritual development is widely seen as opening your heart, connecting with others through love, and letting go of your ego. However, for women who have to deal with a lack of strength in their belly, this is where a number of pitfalls lurk. If you connect to others without remaining solidly present in your belly, in your center, connected with your needs and your truth, then connection with others can quickly lead to a loss of self, and even to exhaustion.

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Inhabitant of two worlds: the lightworker's mission (Pamela channels Jeshua)

Lightworker souls are aware that the answer lies within, and because of that awareness they are meant to be teachers and healers, but a lot of lightworkers are struggling with a very low self-image. When they grow up as a child, they take in a lot of the judgments of their family and society. Maybe they feel they cannot be as ambitious as their parents would like them to be. They are often very sensitive and need to withdraw and to experience quiet times to remain centered. They are often idealistic and many of them have artistic talents.

You are inhabitants of two worlds: you have one foot in today’s human society and the other foot in your soul’s dimension, the realm you come from. You need to firmly keep your foot in that dimension, otherwise you become bogged down and fearful because of society’s pressure.

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Beijing workshop schedule Pamela & Gerrit (August 2015)

We will be visiting China in August and really look forward to connect with our lightworker family there. Below is the schedule of our workshops in Beijing. For all practical information please contact the organiser Jojo Ning, at

August 5 - Lecture and channeling (7PM - 9.30PM)

Recognizing your soul's purpose and guidance

How do you know what your soul's purpose is? Your soul wants to express itself in your everyday life, providing you with inspiration, guidance and joy. However, we often do not hear our soul's voice because we give in to fear or negative thoughts. Fear and negative thoughts act as a veil between our earthly personality and our soul. How can we pierce through that veil and recognise the soul's language? Jeshua will speak about the need to address our inner darkness with compassion. By healing our own deepest wounds, we will get in touch with our soul and share its light with the world around us.

On this evening, Gerrit will offer a guided meditation which helps you connect with your soul's wisdom and light. Pamela will offer a channeling from Jeshua on how to recognize your soul's guidance and overcome fear. After the break, there is much room for questions to Pamela/Jeshua. 

WEEKEND WORKSHOP August 7 (7PM) until August 9 (1PM)

Friday evening and Saturday morning: "Work and abundance"

How do you find the work of your heart and receive enough abundance for it? Many people who go through the transition from ego based to heart based awareness long to do work that is heart based and truly inspiring. They want to do work that is joyful and that contributes something meaningful to society. However, they often fear that this will not be possible because they will not receive enough money in return. They fear that if they follow their heart, there will be a lack of abundance. This workshop's aim is to look at this issue from a spiritual perspective and to discover for yourself what negative beliefs and emotions are preventing you from attracting abundance and doing what you really like.

Pamela will channel Jeshua on work and abundance and there will be much room for questions to Jeshua. Gerrit will offer guided meditations which help you understand your own deep-seated, half-conscious beliefs about money, work, self-worth and abundance. You will be given suggestions about how to release what blocks you.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning: "Lightworkers and high sensitivity"

Lightworkers are souls who feel a deep calling to help raise consciousness on earth. They are making the transition from ego-based consciousness to heart-based consciousness within themselves, and they deeply want to contribute to this transition in the world as well. However, because their hearts are open, lightworker souls are often very sensitive to the feelings and emotions of other people and they are often affected and depleted by dense and negative energies around them. How can they protect themselves, stay balanced and have clear boundaries?

Gerrit will offer guided meditations which help you understand your high sensitivity and find out how to nurture and protect yourself. Pamela will offer channeled messages on high sensitivity and how to deal with it. There is much room for questions during the workshop. 

The workshops will be in English with Chinese translation.

For all practical information contact Jojo Ning at

For information in Chinese see

The workshop will take place in a hotel (former temple) in the beautiful Fragrant Hils (Xiang Shan) Park, a large forest park. It is more than 20 kilometers from Beijing and covers an area of 160 hectares. Here are some pictures.


Workshop in France October 29-31

We will be offering a three day workshop in the lovely area of the Corrèze, in the South of France, at the end of October. Although the workshop will be offered in English with French translation, it is also open to English speaking people from other countries. Last time there were people participating from the UK, Poland, Switzerland and The Netherlands, which created a wonderful mixture.

Balancing your male and female energy (three day workshop)

On the soul level, we are both male and female. Accordingly, we have lived lifetimes both as a man and as a woman. At the human level, we are either female or male. Our bodies and to some extent our personalities are shaped by our gender. At this human level, we are confronted with different issues when we embark on the spiritual path as a woman or as a man.

In “The power of the belly”, Mary Magdalene addresses what she calls the female wound: a lack of presence and self awareness in the lower energy centers (the belly). She describes how this occurred as a result of repression and abuse of the female energy. Nowadays, many women still struggle with a lack of self awareness and groundedness, the tendency to lose themselves in relationships due to a kind of boundless empathy, the inability to stand up for themselves and a sense of unworthiness that affects their self expression and creativity. For women who desire to live according to their soul’s purpose, the key to inner growth and liberation has often to do with building self esteem, clear boundaries and a healthy, resilient ego.

For men, on the other hand, the road to inner liberation and growth is different. Men have to face the “male wound”, which Mary Magdalene describes as a stricture in the area of the heart: men have been taught to close down their heart and feeling center. They are more grounded and self aware and have less trouble claiming their space, however they have been denied access to their true source of inspiration: their heart. The emphasis for men has been on achieving, competing and standing out. This urges them to focus on external, ego based standards such as success or wealth rather than their heartfelt needs and desires. For men, opening up their hearts and finding joy through connection is the path to inner freedom.

This workshop will address both the female and the male wound and you will be invited to discover how these general patterns affect you and how you can set yourself free. In healing your own wounds, you contribute to the healing of the collective pain carried by men and women. There will be channelings from Mary Magdalene and Jeshua offering spiritual as well as practical information on these issues. Gerrit will offer guided meditations which help you identify and release imbalances in your own male and female energy. Also, each participant will be given the opportunity to ask a (personal) question to Jeshua/Mary Magdalene.

Practical info

We will publish the details of this workshop on within two weeks from now. The workshop will be from Thursday evening Oct 29 until Saturday afternoon Oct 31, the group will consist of 28 people maximum (so each participant can ask a personal question to Pamela/Jeshua) and the cost will be 280 euro (including two lunches, excluding accomodation).

If you are interested, you can let us know by e-mail at (please write in English to us) and we'll send the information to you (without any obligations). You can also contact our (English) organiser Kate Bentley at She handles the subscriptions and can offer information on local accomodation.

The location of the workshop is near Beaulieu sur Dordogne in Corrèze, France


Beaulieu sur Dordogne

The location of the workshop

Warm regards,

Gerrit and Pamela

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