Newsletter - February 2015

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We have published new material on our website:

Learning to Understand Illness (Pamela channels Mary Magdalene)

"The whole evolution of your soul is dependent upon your having knowledge of the dark, so you can work together with it and transform it. That becomes very clear when you are dealing with illness, with physical symptoms that disrupt and overthrow your everyday life and habits. The presence of these symptoms forces you to take a dive into the darkness, because under the pain and the physical level of the disease lies a whole reservoir of emotions that want to be seen, that have been repressed for some amount of time."

If we create our own reality, then why do we get old? (Essay by Gerrit)

The relationship between our thoughts and reality is a lot more subtle than what is proposed in many theories about creating one’s own reality. A proper understanding of this relationship needs to acknowledge the role of our soul in the creation process.
Our soul has a life plan for us that may contain goals that differ from our ideas about what is desirable in our lives. The basic creative force in our lives is our soul and not our human thoughts. We can work with the creative force of our souls, or we can work against it.

A spiritual perspective on aging (Essay by Gerrit)

"Every one of us is getting older. With every second that elapses, we lose a bit of our youth. It is a natural process to which all living creatures are subject. How can it be that we have come to loathe a process so natural? Is there something wrong with nature? Or is there something wrong with us, with our way of thinking about aging?"

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For our German readers: we'll be visiting Germany on March 14 and we'll offer a channeling in English with German translation, see our publisher's website for more info or visit our German website

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