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The Essence of All Healing (Pamela channels Mary Magdalene)

"It is not a mark of holiness to transcend all human emotions. The characteristic of a saint is precisely that they recognize and understand every furrow in a human face. They have such a deep understanding of the human path on Earth that there is no room for judgement, only space and silence, and a deep understanding of the other person."

How Do You Change Society? (Pamela channels Earth)

"The suffering of humanity and of nature makes me sad. There is so much longing, pain, suppressed emotion in people here, yet there is hope. There is change happening, and I speak to you who are reading this, because I know you are forerunners. You who feel there is change coming and that, when this change is carried out by many individuals, something new can emerge on Earth."

Black holes inside us
(Essay by Gerrit)

"Many people continually bombard themselves with negative thoughts: "I cannot do this, this is not for me, I am weak, I must hide because who I am is bad, the world is not a safe place, this will probably go wrong". Etcetera, etcetera. How did this happen? Why do we do this? The reason for this self-destructive behavior is that all of us have at some point, whether in this life or a past life, been traumatized. Traumas are negative experiences that are so intense that our personality cannot handle them; a part of our awareness "freezes" and remains stuck in time."

The two channelings and the essay are available on, see section News or go to the menu on the left, Series "Being a Lightworker in the New Age", Series "Earth Speaks", and for the essay, see section Articles.

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Gerrit and Pamela

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