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Everything is as it should be, or is it? (essay by Pamela)

Accidents, diseases, grave setbacks put our sense of justice to the test. Why does this happen to me, why did this have to happen? The notion that behind everything that occurs there is a higher order, a divine hand that means well, is reassuring. But is it true?

Working with parallel lives (essay by Gerrit)

When you make an important choice in your life, you are actually choosing between two possible futures. As soon as you have made the choice, one possible future falls away. Right? Or does that alternative future exist as well, in a parallel world, and is it experienced and lived through by another part of you?

Two channelled messages from Mary:

We are Not Complete Without You
"We ask you, we almost implore you, to believe in yourself – you are it! You are the trailblazers on Earth, the ones for whom the Earth has been waiting, for whom humanity is waiting. You are who we are waiting for, because we cannot do it for you."

Money and Abundance
"Today, we are discussing the theme money and abundance. I invite you to look at that subject from the perspective of your personal relationship with the Earth. It is the intention of your incarnation that you experience joy in being present on Earth. (…) The reality of Earth acknowledges you, welcomes you and wishes to make your path as easy as possible so you can radiate even more joy and light. The Earth wants to support and sustain you."

The two essays and the two channelings are available on, see section News or go to the menu on the left, section Articles and for the Mary channelings, go to Series "Through the Gate".


Our third book of channelings is now available both as E-book and as paperback!

The Christ Within

Customer Reviews Amazon

"A MUST READ BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!
All the messages felt true to me and behind them was a feeling of LOVE and COMPASSION."

"I am so moved by the deeply powerful messages in this book. One can truly feel greater tranquility along with a sense of being deeply cared for on the soul level. I am so thankful to Jeshua ben Joseph for connecting with us in this way and validating our humaness with great sensitivity and love."

"There comes a time in life when someone must be born again in the midst of their days. That is, to take a new direction in their life. But often they cannot do it alone. They need help. All 3 books from Pamela Kribbe 1) The Jeshua Channelings, 2) The Heart centered living and 3) The Christ Within, are among the books that can lead you to the path to inner transformation and the new direction in your life."


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Gerrit and Pamela

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