Newsletter - March 25, 2014

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The Christ Within now also available as E-book
Two new channelings

The Christ Within now also available as E-book

We are happy to let you know that our new book The Christ Within is now available not just as paperback but as E-book as well, in all the usual formats

It is available in all of these on line stores:



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In each of us, Christ consciousness is waitingto be awakened. Christ consciousness is the awareness that behind outer appearance and form, all life is one and connected. As we enter this level of awareness, we gradually let go of our fear, our resistance, our need to control. We discover the reality of our divine essence, our soul. Life becomes less about struggling to survive, driven by the demands of the ego, and more about joy and creating from the heart.

Opening up to the voice of our soul involves taking a leap into the abyss: you are invited to rely on your inner guidance rather than the outer directions you are used to steering by. How do you let go of the worldly pressures and judgments that have become almost second nature? How do you know if you have truly connected with your soul? How do you deal with fear and trauma, which keeps you from surrendering?

The spiritual messages in this book, received by way of channeling, are meant to answer these questions and to assist you on your path of inner transformation in a loving and compassionate way. As you surrender to your soul, the Christ Within will awaken and illuminate your life as well as the lives of others.

Paperback 16.95 USD

E-book 5.99 USD

To read a free excerpt (Contents, Introduction and chapter 1), see

or go to and click on the picture of the book.



Two new channelings on

There are now two new messages from Jeshua available on our website.

Paradise on Earth

Jeshua invites you to travel with him to Paradise, a realm of high vibration and of natural joy and creativity, and to find out what you would be doing there. He then invites you to hold that vision in your heart and bring it down to the here and now on Earth.

Why are were here and not there to begin with?

You have immersed yourself in darkness in order to experience what the light looks like, and what it feels like to rediscover yourself on Earth as an angel of light. The original discovery happened quite naturally, because when you are in an atmosphere of light, love, and security, there are almost no boundaries between you and the whole. But what you have now done, what your mission was and is, is for this light – this sense of oneness and complete security – to be brought to Earth so it might incarnate in this earthly atmosphere.

You can find this channeling on in the section News or in the series Being a Lightworker in the New Age in the menu on the left.

Making your Own Choices

Jeshua points out that we (people who are committed to the spiritual path) tend to look up to much to our guides, or our soul/higher self. We depreciate our own "little self" and are often looking for higher sources of truth. 

Now, you all know that you should not lean on another person for your choices, but you still do that a lot in your relationships with your spiritual guides and your soul. (…) Of course, you can say: “Yes, but those spiritual sources really know better than I do; they have a better overview or perspective; my guides are further developed than I am; my soul moves in a higher dimension, so it is good to turn to it to get advice.” But again, you are depreciating your "little" earthly personality when you do that. You often consider your earthly personality to not be the wisest and highest part of yourself, and that you have to turn to some "authority" who better understands the situation and what you should do with your life. This is a mistake, and that is my message today.

You can find this channeling on in the section News or in the series Being a Lightworker in the New Age in the menu on the left.

With our warmest regards,

Gerrit and Pamela

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