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Meeting our past selves outside of time

In this essay, Gerrit explores the consequences of a non-linear notion of time for the field of regression therapy. He argues that getting in touch with other lives is not so much about remembering something that is over and done with. Rather, it is a creative interaction with living presences who are still growing and evolving just like you do. The past is basically as open and undetermined as the future. This throws a fresh light on the meaning of regression therapy and offers wonderful possibilities for healing.  

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The cycle of your seasons - a channeling from mother Earth

"In Winter, the outer falls away; the branches are bare. Life withdraws into the trunk and into the roots, and there is silence and tranquility in nature. But this silence, this emptiness and barrenness, is not without life and not without soul – feel it. When you walk through the forest or in the fields, life is there – invisible, but tangible. Life withdraws into the core where it gathers force to sprout again in Spring."

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