Newsletter September 2008


Dear reader,

A new channeling has been published on It is called “Let joy be our guideline”. In it, Mary speaks of a kind of joy that belongs to the very heart of who we are. Nevertheless, it is often missing from our lives. We often feel burdened by worries, anxieties and stress. Mary reminds us of the joy and miracle of being here in the first place, inhabiting a physical body on Earth.

I myself have not felt at home on Earth for a long time. I feel I was born with a great reluctance to being here. Even after I started my spiritual practice in 2002, I’ve had episodes of “shutting down”, feeling sad, angry and indignant about having to be here. I am now starting to see that the pain I associated with being on Earth is not a pain inflicted on me by Earth. It was human society that I did not feel at ease in and even rejected by. Earth itself is innocent, beautiful and magical. Mary seeks to reawaken a sense of magic in us. Although the channeling is simple and straightforward, it contains a profound message.

Especially in these times, when many lightworkers are detaching themselves from mainstream human society, connecting to the spirit of Earth can be very helpful. If you cannot feel at home anymore with the energies of your workplace, or even of your family and friends, try to spend time in nature and feel the ancient, ancient energy of the trees, the flowers and the rocks. They carry the energy of Home just as much as the angels and guides from the other side of the veil.

It is important that lightworkers get out of their heads now. This is a time which offers possibilities for profound inner transformation. Some people ask me whether I have received information from Jeshua on the meaning of 2012, which is considered to be an important turning point for humanity. To me, Jeshua insists that the major energetic changes we are awaiting are taking place RIGHT NOW. This is the time to go deeply within, feel what it is you want to do with your life, facing your fears and doubts about being here on Earth in the first place. Focusing on the future, on certain numbers and dates, is not helpful in this intimate process of self-liberation. It tends to get you into your head again, wondering about the predictions that go around and what you are supposed to do about it. Or it can raise a high sense of expectation, which really takes you away from the Now and which is rather deceitful, as inner change will not come to you from the outside.

Aren’t there external powers influencing us, such as the planets and numerical configurations? Spiritual growth, both individually and collectively, is an organic, gradual process. There is a certain rhythm to this process, comparable to the tides of ebb and flow, and there may be pivotal points at which breakthroughs are achieved. These breakthroughs may be enhanced or supported by powers such a the planets, the stars or the laws of geometry. But it is always dependent on our own choice and intent what we do with such supporting powers. Jeshua is asking us: don’t wait any longer and realize that you are a God unto yourself! The spiritual freedom you long for can be achieved RIGHT NOW.

As Mary stresses, spirituality is all about simplicity. As I received this channeling (for a live audience), I felt such joy and lightness pouring through me, that I could not fathom why I had ever viewed life as a complicated thing. Unfortunately, this sense of ease isn’t always with me, as I have my own fears to deal with. But it’s a blessing whenever it is there, and I hope you experience some of it as you read the channeling.


Pamela & Gerrit