Newsletter - December 2013

Dear friends,

We are happy to inform you that we have added new material to our website  

Two new channelings from Mother Earth

There are two new channelings from Mother Earth: "Trust the Earth" and "The Flow of Receiving in your Life". Both messages tune into our relationships with the Earth and our earthly being, focusing on questions such as: how can we feel safe and at home here, how can we channel our Soul's light to Earth and how can we receive for ourselves what we truly desire. 

From "Trust the Earth":

It is very human to build up a protective armor whenever you have felt yourself seriously damaged. Still, such armor holds you back from life; it robs you from your deepest strength. And you cannot live like that, because doing so constrains you as if you were in prison. However, the flow of life, the power of the soul, is always stronger than the prisons you build within yourself. From your soul, there is always another thrust, a driving force toward opening and surrendering to life, to all there is.

From "The Flow of Receiving in your Life":

Imagine that in your solar plexus lives a small figure, a man or a woman, a figure that represents your ego, and look at it very objectively. Does that figure reach forward and try to order everything? Or does that figure back away because it is all too much, too overwhelming, and calls up too much fear within it? Look what movement your ego is tempted to make, toward or away from. Finally, imagine that your ego is balanced and that this figure in your solar plexus is in an upright, standing position. It is connected with your soul and the Heavens from above, and with your body and the Earth from below. Feel how supportive and liberating that is for your ego, for your personality. Everything becomes freer and more fluid. It is a gentle flow of unconditional love. Allow this flow to happen, and allow it to uplift you.

For both channelings, see , Series "Earth speaks".

The Essential Jeshua

We are pleased to offer you a compilation of Jeshua's most important teachings, created by Finnish author Veli Martin Keitel. It is called The Essential Jeshua and it contains central quotes, especially from the first two series of channelings we received, which capture the basics of Jeshua's messages. Veli Martin has generously offered to share this compilation on our website for free (as PDF). We are grateful to him for his valuable, time-consuming work!
You can download it here or find it in the menu on the left on

The Jeshua Channelings in German

We are delighted that The Jeshua Channeling have now been published as a book in Germany. For more information see our German website or the website of our publisher EFT Edition

Wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas and may love and light accompany you now and in the New Year.

Warm regards,

Gerrit and Pamela

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