Newsletter - June 2013

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A new channeling has been posted on our website
It is called “Lust and Love” and it is a message from Mary Magdalene on the relationship between our animal nature and our spiritual nature. They are not opposites! she says. Although traditional religion made a rigid distinction between high and low, love and lust, heaven and earth, Mary insists that our animal, instinctual, passionate part can actually connect us with the spiritual if we would trust and ride with it instead of suppressing or controlling it. The art of lovemaking, she says, is about connecting to each other from both the heart and the belly. Our body is not the evil temptress that it was made out to be, it actually holds the gateway to deep and joyful intimacy.

As I received this channeling from Mary Magdalene, I could feel her passion, even indignation about how the true meaning of sexuality got lost, and an artificial separation arose between sexuality and spirituality. I also felt deep sadness, because I could feel how we were robbed of something sacred and precious, which could give so much joy and depth to our human existence. This channeling means to bring us back in touch with the innocence and purity of our bodily nature.

You can find this channeling on, see News, or in the menu on the left in the series “Through the Gate”.

Robert Schwartz visits Germany and England

We are happy to tell you that our friend and colleague Robert Schwartz is coming to Europe at the end of June to give some talks and workshops about the reasons why we ourselves plan before we’re born to experience great challenges in life. In his recent book “Your Soul’s Gift”, Robert explores at depth the notion of pre-birth life planning. Deep challenges that we meet during our life seem to be random and cruel as they happen to us, but they are often planned at the soul level, meaning that our souls chose to experience these events for the purpose of growing and learning.

In his first book “Your Soul’s Plan”, Robert Schwartz explored a number of challenges, for example physical illness, addiction and death of a loved one, and asked four gifted mediums to provide information about why this happened to a particular person who he interviewed and whose story is the starting point of each chapter.

In his second book, “Your Soul’s Gift”, even more challenging situations such as incest, rape and suicide are addressed. Robert has the gift of discussing these issues with great skill, clarity, depth and compassion. He addresses a number of metaphysical questions about the reasons behind suffering, the difference between our soul and our earth personality, free will and predestination, and a lot more.

For the second book, I have participated as one of the mediums and I channelled Jeshua on a variety of topics such as suicide, adoption, poverty, rape, mental illness and spiritual awakening. I really enjoyed participating in the creation of this book, and I am happy to hear from readers that they feel the book eases their suffering and brings a new and healing perspective to their greatest challenges.

Here is a link to Robert’s talk and weekend workshop in Germany:

And here is a link to his talk in the UK:

To read more about “Your Soul’s Gift” or to order it, see Robert Schwartz’s website:

Warm regards,Pamela & Gerrit

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