Newsletter - May 2013

Dear reader,

Two new channelings have been published on

They are both channeled messages from mother Earth. When I channel Earth, her energy feels very calm and soothing to me. As opposed to the other “energy fields” I channel (I don’t see them as human persons, more as universal yet unique teacher energies) who envelop me from above, Earth’s energy reaches me from beneath. I have a sense of being carried inside a powerful and nurturing womb and this gives me a sense of relief and of joy and safety.

In the first message, "Restoring the Male and Female Energy in the Body", Earth speaks about how our human history of struggle and aggression has affected our male and female energies. She points at the emotional wounds inside our bodies; both our male and our female energy have been injured, and it has happened in both men and women. Earth invites us to heal our wounds by descending fully into our sacred body and facing our pain with gentle diligence.

The second message is called “A Spirituality of the Earth” and in it, Earth describes how real spiritual breakthroughs occur at the level of our deepest emotions, which energetically speaking is the level of the belly. As the soul incarnates more deeply into our human being, it touches our thinking (the head), our feeling (the heart) and most importantly, it touches our basic emotions and the hidden parts of us which hold on to fear and negativity. Earth stresses the need for a grounded spirituality which embraces and works with our human nature instead of wanting to transcend it.

You can find these new messages on, see section News or go to the menu on the left: Series Earth speaks.

We hope you enjoy the new messages!

A big thank you to Maria Baes and Frank Tehan who made the translations!

Warm regards,

Pamela & Gerrit

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