Newsletter - February 2013

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There are two new channelings on!

Also, channelings by Jeshua on topics such as mental illness, suicide, spiritual awakening, sexual abuse and poverty are now available as separate e-chapters from Robert Schwartz’s latest book on pre-birth planning, Your Soul’s Gift.

Two new channelings on

The first channeling is about Love Relationships. Jeshua speaks about the keys to a balanced, healing relationship. Partner relationships are often the arena of emotional extremes; they can evoke a state of bliss and ecstasy in the beginning but they can end up in bitterness, anguish and struggle all the same. Jeshua shows why relationships can hurt us so deeply and what is the key to a balanced relationship. It is about taking responsibility for the parts of us that are bruised and were bruised a long time before you even met your partner. It is about truly accepting ourselves and opening up to the reality of our partner from a place of wonder and non-attachment. 

"What is paradoxical about relationships is that you can only be intimately connected with another person if you are able to embrace the oneness within yourself. If you are ready to accept yourself, with the burdens from the past, with your highs and lows – then there is space for another person with his or her unique individuality."

You can find this channeling on, section News or in the Series Through the Gate

The second channeling is called “The Wizard – Allowing Abundance” and in it, mother Mary urges us to take a look at what we are able to receive in our lives. Many lightworkers have trouble receiving what they need for themselves, although they are prone to work hard for higher ideals that transcend their human personality. They seem to almost think that it is morally wrong to receive and to take seriously their human needs. Mary stresses that both flows, the giving and the receiving one, need to be honored in your life. She explains that allowing yourself to receive what you need is really about allowing yourself to be who you are. She invites you to connect with the Wizard in your life and see whether you are actually open to his gifts of magic.

"In many of you lives a fear of scarcity, of a lack of money and material abundance, if you were to actually choose what you really want in this life. You doubt whether there truly is a place for you in this world. And this doubt translates into a fear of lacking financial resources. But the core of this anxiety is not about money, but revolves around the question of whether you may really be who you are."

You can find this channeling on, section News or in the Series Through the Gate

Your Soul’s Gift: Jeshua speaks about life challenges which were planned ahead by your soul

Your Soul’s Gift is a beautiful book by Robert Schwartz in which he investigates the notion that our souls planned the challenges we face in our human lives. Life challenges such as illness, abuse or poverty are part of the life plan each soul makes before it descends to Earth. These challenges were chosen because they hold great potential for deep healing and growth.

I was happy to cooperate with Robert on his new book. Together with three other mediums, I was invited to throw light on the notion of soul plans through channelling and psychic reading. The book contains a substantial amount of channelings from Jeshua on topics as different as mental illness, adoption, suicide, spiritual awakening, sexual abuse and poverty.

Now, all 13 chapters from the full book are available as stand-alone eChapters so that you may read about the spiritual meaning and purpose of just the specific challenges in your life and the lives of those you love.

A complete list of all the eChapters you can find on Robert’s website The chapters that include channeling from Jeshua are Chapter 1 Healing, Chapter 2 Spiritual Awakening, Chapter 8 Incest, Chapter 9 Adoption, Chapter 10 Poverty, Chapter 11 Suicide, Chapter 12 Rape and Chapter 13 Mental Illness.

You may find the eChapters on Amazon here.

May you enjoy the new channelings on and feel the love always available to you from your soul family!

With love,

Pamela & Gerrit

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