Newsletter - December 2012

Dear reader,

We gladly offer you two new channelings on our website

We are very grateful to Frank Tehan and Maria Baes who made the translations from Dutch into English. Without their efforts, we could not publish these channelings as frequently as we do now.

The first one is called The Center of the Sun and it is a channeling in which Jeshua explores the notion of time. On the one hand, we are beings in time: we are born and die at certain dates and we seem to be determined by our past and if you believe in fate, even by our future. Jeshua shows us that at the core of our being, however, we are timeless. We are not just eternal beings who “live forever”; we are outside the parameters of time. He goes even further and states that everything that happens in time, whether past or future, is created and can be recreated from the realm of timelessness, which is our Home.

Jeshua asks us to imagine who we truly are as the center of a powerful, radiant Sun. The beams of the sun are like the many lifetimes we live, which are manifestations in time. The source of these rays is the center of the Sun, our timeless essence or the immovable mover (to use a notion from Greek philosophy). This is not just an abstract notion; Jeshua points out how we have direct access to this place of magic when we become present in the Now.

Perhaps this notion of ourselves as timeless beings can be refreshing especially now that we are faced with a kind of bombardment of predictions about the year 2012, ranging from ominous to jubilant. What if we are truly the creators of our own experience, as is the message of all genuine spiritual teachings? Then the question is not so much about what (if anything) will happen on a particular date; it is about how we choose to respond to what happens. If we believe that we are at heart free creators, we are not bound to any predictions, astrological constellations or numerological connections.

The second channeling is from Mary Magdalene and it is called Awakening your ability to channel. She speaks about our latent channeling abilities and how to awaken them with joy. This message was received during a workshop on channeling, attended by spiritual teachers and healers who wished to use their channeling abilities more explicitly. Many of them experience fear and insecurity about expressing their natural ability to channel. Mary Magdalene stresses that for most of us, we do not need to learn how to channel, as we have done it many times in past lives. We only need to reawaken an ability that is already there, and to let go of the fears we carry from the past about expressing who we truly are. Mary Magdalene invites us to connect with our past personalities and to receive from them their gifts and talents while transforming their hurt and rejected parts.

Both channelings can be found on, see News or go to the ‘Through the gate’ series in the menu on the left.

Wishing you a sparkly Christmas and a free, creative New Year!

With love,

Pamela & Gerrit

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