Newsletter November 2012

Dear friends,

A few weeks ago, we offered some workshops on Channeling to a lovely group of lightworkers in the South of France. Every day, we started with a guided meditation by Gerrit, followed by a channeling by Pamela and a Q&A session. We were moved to see how during these days, we all shared both deeply painful emotions as well as abundant joy and laughter. It was like coming home to family – no need to explain much, a lot of quiet understanding. Such a connection without words marks the joining of soul mates and it is profoundly healing to the soul. We believe that coming together like this can be an important tool for lightworkers to become more present, more grounded and more confident about their own, beautiful self.

We like to share with you the channelings and meditations of these days, and since they were presented in English, you can also listen to them; the audio files are available on

Please feel the connection to your soul family and to Jeshua when you hear the meditations and the channelings. We feel they are not just aimed at the live audience present at that moment, but also at people joining in later.

Guided meditations to practice channeling yourself

In the meditations by Gerrit, you are invited to practice channelling for yourself. You can listen to them at home by yourself, pen and paper close by to write down what you receive from your guides.

The meditations are only available as audio file:


New channelings from Jeshua and Mary Magdalene

There are three channelings, two from Jeshua and one from Mary Magdalene. They invite and encourage you to connect with Home, with your soul and your true origin. Once you do that, channeling becomes easy and natural to do. It is when we are fearful about ourselves or distrustful towards the world, that we block our own ability to channel.

Gerrit and I strongly believe that learning to channel is not about learning specific techniques. It is about opening up to your soul, and facing the fears that hold you back.

I am always struck by the extent to which Jeshua and Mary Magdalene are aware of our deep-seated human fears and with how much compassion they address these fears. They advise us to be caring and gentle with ourselves, yet they refuse to go along with the fears and self-doubt. They will not stop reminding us of who we really are: divine beings joyfully exploring the universe.

We hope you will regain that sense of joy by reading or listening to these channelings.

Feel the embrace of Home
Channeling Workshop I

Love completes the cycle
Channeling Workshop II

Being in the world but not of it
Channeling Workshop III

Article by Gerrit on the influence of the astral plane on channeling

The year 2012 is drawing to a close. It is becoming painfully clear that almost all of the - often channeled – predictions for this year have not come about. No huge natural disasters, no shifting of the poles, no mass ascension, no Niburu cataclysm, no alien invasion, no galactic federation, no coming of the world teacher ... to mention only a few.

Apparently, a lot of false information is being channeled. How can this be? Does someone who channels not receive a higher inspiration? Are all those people who are channeling cheating or are they led astray by their own imagination? It is not as simple as that. People who channel typically believe in what they are doing and often are sincerely shocked when their predictions do not appear to come true. They usually are sensitive, paranormally gifted people who are able to make contact with non-physical entities and who are convinced that those entities give them reliable and important information.

What is going wrong then?

One big problem is the astral plane that surrounds us.

You can find Gerrit’s article in the section New or in the menu on the left in the Series “Articles


A lot of the material on our website is available in book form.

The Jeshua Channelings, our first book, contains the first series that I received from Jeshua, the Lightworker Series, which is his basic statement about who we are as lightworkers and what our purpose is on Earth right now. It also contains the Healing Series, dealing with everyday subjects such as relationships, work and health.






The second book, Heart-Centered Living, published this year, contains newer channelings from Jeshua as well as messages from Mary, mother Earth and Mary Magdalene. They partly have been published on but the book also contains new, previously unpublished material (this is about 40% of the book). There are new channelings on the rise of the female energy, how lightworkers can cooperate in the new era, high sensitivity and more. 

Our books are also available in E-format, both as E-book and for E-readers (Kindle and Nook). They may be ordered through the website of our publisher or through (for European readers:

If you feel like it, please drop a line at the Customer Review page of Amazon. Thank you!

With love,

Pamela & Gerrit