Newsletter September 2012

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We are happy to inform you that two new channelings have been published on :

The Dark Night of the Soul

Mary Magdalene describes what it means to go through a dark night of the soul, in which you feel bereft of all hope and faith in life. She reaches out to console us and make us aware of the indestructible presence and power of the light within us.

"When someone gets caught in a depression, in a dark night of the soul, it always comes with the experience of being engulfed and unable to cope with all the emotions. The flow of painful, heavy emotions is experienced as being too great to bear. You are overpowered by them, or so it feels, and you shut down from a deep sense of powerlessness."

Communicating with your Soul

Jeshua speaks about how one can hear the whispers of one’s soul. Often we have to go against what we have been taught and deem right to truly hear our soul’s message. The soul speaks the language of joy and not of judgment or commands.

“The soul is no outside power making demands on you; the soul serves you. That sounds strange to your ears, because you are accustomed to thinking: “I must serve my soul, the higher part of me”. But the soul equally serves you; it wants to shine through you, lift you up, bring you Home, inspire you to do what you really want and to be happy on Earth as a human being.”

You can find both channelings in the section New or in the menu on the left in the Series “Through the Gate”

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