Newsletter - April 2008


Dear reader,

We are happy to present another channeling by Mary through Pamela on our website (see section “mornings with Jeshua”). This time it is about the new children who, with their high sensitivity and intuitive abilities, bring a great gift to this world. However, they also face serious troubles, as the world is not always ripe for their energy. To understand and guide these children, parents and teachers are invited to consider new ways of thinking about children and indeed, about what parenting and teaching actually means. Mary speaks in depth about what characterizes these children, what problems they may encounter and how we can help them ground their energy on earth and become the inspiring and groundbreaking teachers that they are.

How this channeling came about

When I (Pamela) organize a meeting or workshop in which a channeling takes place, I always intuitively pick the subject according to what feels meaningful and inspiring to me. My teacher-guides (Jeshua and Mary) do not tell me what to do generally. They do answer me when I ask them questions but they leave me a lot of room and they hardly ever meddle or intervene. But the subject of “how to guide the new children” was actually brought up by Mary and she gently pushed me to consider doing a channeling about it and organize workshops for teenagers as well. This was new to me and I hesitated a bit.

I do not feel an expert at all on the subject of children. I have enough trouble raising my own kid, I thought, let alone proclaim a theory about how to deal with children! (I have a 6 year old girl who is cheerful and radiant much of the time but she can also be very hot-tempered and headstrong – and my reactions to that are certainly not enlightened many times).   

But when I tuned into Mary’s concern, I felt sadness, really. Because I could feel how beautiful and highly evolved the energy is of these new children (who are also called Indigo’s and Crystals in other literature). And I could feel how they run the risk of being misunderstood, and feeling confused and abandoned as a result. How sorry it would be if they didn’t make it – meaning that they cannot properly channel their energy to earth and find ways of expressing themselves in material form.  I could then understand the urgency of Mary’s call. And so here it is – a channeling on the new children. (The workshops are only in Dutch for the moment, sorry).

“The Jeshua Channelings” published in Hebrew and French

We are proud to announce that the Jeshua Channelings have now also been published in book form in Hebrew, by Ahava Publishing, and in French, to be published by Helios in September of this year. We consider it to be a wonderful little miracle that the first official publication of the Jeshua Channelings is in Hebrew and in Israel. (They were already published as a book in Dutch and English, but through self-publishing and not through a publishing house). 

Enjoy reading!

Love and blessings,

Pamela & Gerrit