Newsletter summer 2012

Dear friends,

Thanks to our dedicated translation team, there are two new channelings on

The first one is called “The Golden Light of 2012” and was received on the eve of this year. It’s still very relevant. This message from Mary Magdalene invites us to work with the energy of the year 2012 in a positive, uplifting way.

The second one, called “The Gate”, discusses how we need to release our old certainties and preconceived ideas to enter the reality of the New Earth. This process may feel like going through a narrow tunnel, and it is often accompanied by a “dark night of the soul”. Mary Magdalene reminds us of our deep inner strength and our ability to go beyond the known and pass through the Gate.

Both channelings can be found on, either on the Opening page or in the menu on the left. We created a new series in the menu of the left, called “Through the gate”. Both channelings are in this section.

Thank you Frank and Maria for your valuable assistance in translating these channelings!

Warm regards,

Pamela & Gerrit

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