Newsletter July 2012

Dear reader,

We are happy to inform you that two new channelings have been posted on

In The Third Way Jeshua explains how we can set ourselves free by dealing with our most difficult emotions in a new way. We are used to either drown in our emotions, or judge them and enter into a battle with them we can’t win. Jeshua points at a third way, which is about letting our emotions be and not being drawn into them at the same time. It is the key to finding inner peace.
Observe what is there, and make no mistake: not to be drawn in (by either your emotions or your judgement of them) is a great strength. That is the power of true spirituality. True spirituality is not morality – it is a way of being."

In The New Era has begun, Jeshua passionately announces that a new consciousness is emerging on Earth and that you can actually inhabit The New Earth now. You can focus on the part of you that has already awakened and feels at home there. You can stop giving energy and validation to the part of you that still feels stuck in the old.
"Feel my gaze upon you, focused on the brightest and the most optimistic, hopeful, powerful, beautiful part of you, and feel how it lights up. Feel how you actually already know everything, and feel you are there, because you are there!"

You can find both channelings in the section News on the Home page, or you can find them in the menu on the left in the series “Being a lightworker in the New Age”.

Peace and blessings,

Pamela & Gerrit

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