Newsletter June 2012

Dear reader,

There are three new channelings on, available to you as text and as audio file. These channelings were received directly in English, during a recent series of workshops in the South of France.  

In the first channeling, “The seeds of Christ consciousness”, Jeshua tells us how we are those seeds, germinating at this time. As we are willing to take responsibility for our inner darkness, we are allowing the seeds to truly blossom.

In “The battle of the sexes”, Mary Magdalene addresses the deep sense of unworthiness that most of us carry around. She points out how strong this is related to the battle of the sexes and the deep wounds it has inflicted on both men and women. 

In “Your arrival on the New Earth” Jeshua welcomes us on the New Earth, which is already here, in the middle of the old energies.
This last channeling was highly emotional for most of us present. It felt almost like an initiation into a new reality to me. In many ways, we now inhabit two worlds, the old one and the new one, and it was like my foothold in the new world was becoming much more firm and real to me.

Surrounded by the beautiful green hills of southern France, sitting together in a room full of kindred spirits, was a deeply joyful experience. Jeshua called on us to join together as lightworkers to celebrate our kinship and lighten our burdens. Just being together heals our pain and gives us a sense of belonging. Jeshua doesn’t mean that we create organisations or movements together. The goal is simply to enjoy each other and celebrate how fare we’ve come. The energy of the New Earth is so very different from the old one; it is not about fighting and pushing anymore, not even as ‘spiritual warriors’. It is so much more peaceful and light than I ever imagined. 

We hope you enjoy the energy of these new channelings!

We also like to point out that our new book “Heart-centered living” is now available too on For our European readers: if you order it here, it is sent to your from the UK, with substantially less postal charges than if your order it through

Be well, be at peace!

Pamela & Gerrit



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