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NEW BOOK: Heart centered living

Jeshua channelings in new book by Robert Schwartz: “Your Soul’s Gift”

New channeling plus Q&A: Lightworkers entering the New Era

NEW BOOK: Heart centered living

We are happy to announce that a second book of channelings has now been published. It contains channelings from Jeshua, Mary, Mary Magdalene and Mother Earth (276 pages). The material has partly been published before on our webite, especially the “Mornings with Jeshua series”. You can now read this part more conveniently in book form (e-reader format will be available later). However, the book also contains nine chapters of new, unpublished material, dealing with a variety of subjects such a the rebirth of the female energy, how to deal with high sensitivity and how lightworkers can work together on the New Earth. The ground theme of the book is heart-centered living – how to live from the heart, letting go of fear and expressing your soul’s light on Earth.

More information on the book and a free excerpt, click here.

You may order the book by clicking here (you’ll be redirected to the website of Booklocker, our publisher). It is also available through the main online bookstores of Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Jeshua channelings in new book by RobertSchwartz: “Your Soul’s Gift- The healing power of the life you planned before you were born”

For over three years, I have been cooperating with author Robert Schwartz on his new book “Your Soul’s Gift”. In this book, he explores at depth the notion of pre-birth life planning. Deep challenges that we meet during our life seem to be random and cruel as they happen to us, but they are often planned at the soul level, meaning that our souls chose to experience these events for the purpose of growing and learning.

In his first book “Your Soul’s Plan”, Robert Schwartz explored a number of challenges, for example physical illness, addiction and death of a loved one, and asked four gifted mediums to provide information about why this happened to a particular person who he interviewed and whose story is the starting point of each chapter.

In his second book, even more challenging situations such as incest, rape and suicide are addressed. Robert has the gift of discussing these issues with great skill, clarity, depth and compassion. He addresses a number of metaphysical questions about the reasons behind suffering, the difference between our soul and our earth personality, free will and predestination, and a lot more. He approaches the various subjects with an open and modest attitude, like an unbiased journalist would. This makes the book easy and pleasant to read.

For the second book, I have participated as one of the mediums and I channelled Jeshua on a variety of topics such as suicide, adoption, poverty, rape, mental illness and spiritual awakening. I really enjoyed participating in the creation of this book, as it brought about a lot of new and interesting material.

To read more about “Your Soul’s Gift” or to order it, see Robert Schwartz’s website:

New channeling plus Q&A on Lightworkers entering the New Era

The transcript of Jeshua’s channeling on the Awakening Zone Radio Show is now available. Jeshua speaks on how we are opening the gate to the New Earth, one part of us eager to move forward, another part still in the grip of fear and doubt. How to deal with the inner tension between the old and the new? Jeshua also answers questions from a live audience present at this gathering. See, last item in series: Being a Lightworker in the New Age.

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