Newsletter February 2012

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We are happy to let you know that there are three new channelings on, available to you in both audio and as written text.

1. Return of the wild woman (Mary Magdalene)

2. Expressing your soul’s light (Jeshua)

3. The simplicity of life (Jeshua)

These channelings were received in the presence of a live audience in the South of France at the end of 2011. It was the first time for me (Pamela) to do channelings directly in English in front of a live audience. If you listen to the audio files you will hear simultaneous translation into French.

Mary Magdalene

For the first time, there was a message from Mary Magdalene, a close female companion of Jeshua who was later discarded by the Church as a ‘fallen woman’ and prostitute. In truth, she was an independent spirit and strong woman, who had deep understanding of what Christ consciousness is about. She was very close to Jeshua and there is evidence that they may have been lovers.

To me, the energy of Mary Magdalene feels empowering and uplifting, and she points at the same truth as Jeshua does, however in a different way. In the channeling now posted from her, she explains that men and women have different emotional trauma to deal with, and therefore the road to balance and freedom is different for both.

The channelings from Jeshua are reminders to help you express who you truly are in today’s world and to have joy with that at the same time.

Interview with Pamela and Channeling from Jeshua on The Awakening Zone

In December 2011 I was invited to participate in a radio show hosted by Eppe and Nelleke Keizer from Awakening Zone. This is an international radio network focused on empowered human awakening.

The show starts with a short interview and then you’ll hear a channeling from Jeshua, followed by questions from the studio audience and answers by Pamela/Jeshua.

In the channeling, Jeshua speaks about how we all stand before the gate of a new reality, the New Earth, and how we both want to move forward as fast as possible yet at the same time have parts in us that resist progress and hold us back. Why is this the case and how can we deal with those wayward parts inside? 

The shows offered to you by Awakening Zone are free and you do not need to log in.

To hear the show, simply click here. 

There is no transcript of this channeling yet. If any of you would like to create a transcript of the audio, we would highly appreciate it. Let us know at


Gerrit and Pamela

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