Newsletter November 2011

Dear reader,

This Saturday, November 19, there will be a live channel from Jeshua on the radio network Awakening Zone Jeshua will speak about the birth of a new era for humanity and about the ways in which lightworkers can support each other in creating the transformation from ego to heart. Please read the announcement from Awakening Zone below for more detailed information.

On November 19 there will be an internet-radio broadcast on Awakeningzone, 'live' from the Netherlands. This broadcast will be at 15:00 hours in the Netherlands, 08:00 AM Central Time. If you want to tune in then go to and click on SHOWS. Scroll down to the show that is hosted by Eppe and Nelleke Keizer and click on it. Then click on the episode of November 19, 2011. The episode will start running promptly at 08:00 AM Central Time.

If you can not make yourself available at that time you will be able to listen to the broadcast via the ARCHIVES at your convenience.

If you need any help with this you can contact Nelleke Keizer at

All broadcasts and ARCHIVED episodes on Awakeningzone are free of charge and you do not need to log in.

What's it about?
In this episode we will have a short interview, A LIVE CHANNEL FROM JESHUA and Q&A from the audience and chatroom with Pamela Kribbe (PhD). Pamela is author of The Jeshua Channelings, a series of messages from Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) on the nature of light work, the transition from ego to heart, and the birthing of the New Earth. In the channelings, Jeshua presents himself as our brother and friend. He wishes to remind us of our inner strength and encourage us to shine our light into the world. Pamela offers workshops and public channelings in the Netherlands and abroad.

Warm regards,

Gerrit and Pamela


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