Newsletter July 2011

Dear reader,

A new channeling from Jeshua has been posted on our website It is called “The way of the lightworker”. Jeshua explains what it means to be a lightworker and to offer spiritual healing to others.

To understand what light work or spiritual healing is truly about, you need to let go of the traditional image of “therapist helping client” or “doctor curing patient”. You need to let go of the very idea that helping is about giving something to someone else.

Read more on, see Opening page or go to menu on the left and see section: Being a Lightworker in the New Age

Jeshua on homosexuality

We added a Question and Answer (Q&A) section to the website, which will contain answers from Jeshua to questions asked by readers. We have started with a question on homosexuality.

In sexual relationships, what matters from the spiritual perspective is how you connect to each other from soul to soul. Whenever there’s a deep connection, which is marked by true companionship and mutual respect, the question whether you are male-female, male-male, or female-female does not really matter.

You can find the Q&A section under “News” or in the menu on the left.

May you have a peaceful and carefree summer!

Gerrit & Pamela


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