Newsletter May 2011

Dear friends,

A new channeling has been posted on our website: “Angels on Earth”.
You can find it on the Opening page of or in the section Earth in the menu on the left.

This new message is from mother Earth, and she is telling us about who we are in relationship to her. She is telling us that we were angels before we incarnated upon Earth, and that we were destined to meet with both darkness and light on our journey as human beings. Nowadays, our incarnation cycle is coming full circle, and this is when we embrace our origin as angels again.

I have been channeling mother Earth for several years now, however I still feel enraptured every time I feel her energy of sweetness, strength and harmony. I have had a troubled relationship with being on earth for a great part of my life. It felt scary to be really present in my body, and in my life, because it seemed to make me very vulnerable. I think part of my interest in the spiritual came from a desire to rise above the Earth dimension and find Home elsewhere.

It took me half a lifetime to discover that it is joyful and liberating to fully connect with Earth. I remember at 31, my first spiritual teacher invited me to connect with Earth through a guided meditation. I had to visualise a chord of energy between my tailbone and the center of mother Earth. The idea of hooking myself up like that frightened me. I associated being in the body with being imprisoned. However, the energy I felt coming from Earth wasn’t oppressing at all. It was a friendly and open energy. I opened my eyes after the exercise and exclaimed to my teacher: “It is not a prison! It feels good!” She smiled at me radiantly. “Yes!” she said.

After this first step, I discovered that connecting with Earth meant connecting with my deepest emotions, the layer of painful memories that caused me to associate life on earth with imprisonment to begin with. This inner journey was intense, yet it was joyful to go through. By facing what keeps us from surrendering to life on Earth, we come across pain and darkness within, but in facing it openly, we realize that we are much more than the pain. We are bigger than our emotions and we are able to rise above them. It is helpful to regard them as our children, in need of gentle guidance. Once we do so, we realise that who we truly are is the compassionate and loving parent we so often seek outside of ourselves.

Later on, I found that what truly made me feel at home on Earth is the fact that I can do what I really love to do and share it with other people who I feel naturally connected with. Living together with Gerrit and expressing ourselves in the world through our spiritual work is deeply satisfying and healing to our souls. It is by bringing your heart-felt inspiration to everyday reality that you truly ground your energy and feel the beauty and meaning of living on Earth today.

Follow your joy! Every soul has a plan before they incarnate on Earth. Your soul holds a vision of the best life you can live. As a human, it’s sometimes hard to find out what your soul’s plan is for you. However, your soul continually communicates with you through your feelings. You are on the right track if what you do on a daily basis makes you feel joyful and inspired. If you don’t feel that, you may want to let go of what you do not truly want anymore, take your own needs seriously and dare to live according to your highest vision of yourself.

For us, the next step in connecting even more deeply with Earth is that we have started travelling abroad with our work. We live in The Netherlands and weren’t used to travelling much. This spring, we went on a trip to the South of France, where we offered workshops with channelings to a group of people. We marvelled at the wildness and beauty of Earth there and felt how the energy of the channelings was reinforced by the powerful presence of nature. We will do more travelling and hope to offer workshops in English and/or French in the near future. You will be notified in upcoming newsletters.

We hope you enjoy “Angels on Earth”!

Warm regards,

Pamela & Gerrit

Pamela and Gerrit


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